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WSGA Workshop

WSGA Workshop:

Presentations from Workshop

Authors Presentation
Karl Anderson
Steve Plimpton
FIREHOSE: Benchmarking Streaming Architectures

Michael Bender Indexing Big Data
Seshadhri Comandur What to measure in a graph stream?
Sudipto Guha Matching Through the Sketching Lens: Alice (and Bob) in Combinatorial Optimization
Michael Mahoney Sublinear Graph Algorithms and Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra
Andrew McGregor Graph Stream Algorithms: A Survey
Steve Plimpton PHISH framework for Streaming Graph Algorithms
Srikanta Tirthapura Tracking Dense Substructures in a
Dynamic Graph
Jonathan Berry
Cindy Phillips
Bruce Hendrickson
Workshop on Streaming Graph Algorithms (WSGA) Overview

David Woodruff Numerical Linear Algebra in the Streaming Model

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